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BBQ Ribs & Open Pit BBQ in Sarasota, Florida

Satisfy your hunger for savory, open pit BBQ at J & L BBQ in Sarasota, Florida. We serve fresh BBQ ribs, chicken, and pulled pork. Whether you are a citizen of the community, a family, a church group, or a business, you'll find that we cater to anyone who loves BBQ.

BBQ Ribs

At J & L BBQ, we cook our ribs over the open pit, not smoked. This makes them so tender and flavorful. We use our great grandpa's original recipe for our made-from-scratch, mustard-based sauce. It is sweet and tangy, not hot.

Our St. Louis cut ribs are not baby back style. Instead, the breast bone is cut off. These are extra big and meaty. The meat falls right off the bone and melts in your mouth. We also use oak for better flavor, not charcoal or propane.

BBQ Chicken

Sink your teeth into our whole chickens that are slow roasted over an open flame. We buy five-pound chickens so everyone gets a big portion. These are also flavored with our original mustard-based sauce. Our chicken is extremely juicy and tender.


We use Uncle John's™ sausage. Our customers always ask for this premium and delicious meat. We smoke our pork sausage, and use our handmade mustard-based sauce for flavoring.

Pulled Pork

Marinated for 48 hours and then slow smoked for 12 hours, our pulled pork is very tender and moist. You'll never find pork that melts in your mouth like ours. This is also seasoned with great grandmother's handmade mustard-based sauce.

Contact our BBQ stand in Sarasota, Florida, to learn more about how you can get your hands on our delicious open pit BBQ.